Artem Bilodid

Grow. Capitalize. Repeat. 

T-shaped executive with 19 years of experience in marketing, tech and management. Core competence - Product Research and Development, from idea to working service. CEO & Founder of ISP search service - niche leader in Ukraine.


Proven track record of launching innovative products, tripling customer bases and revenue, and leading diverse teams in marketing, sales, customer service, and technology across telecom and internet service industries.

Extensive experience leading Marketing and Product R&D initiatives, driving significant revenue growth through strategic product launches, market analysis, team development, and customer-focused innovation. 

Building and deploying complex web applications. JavaScript,  Bootstrap, Google Maps, Leaflet, Handsontables. Node.js, MongoDB, Postgres, Nginx, PM2, Let's Enscript.


Cascade recognition, geocoding 

Connect best Internet for your address

Dashboard for investment portfolio (closed)

Easy way to draw polygons 

GigaFast Internet Providers for your address

Compare 3G/4G coverage in Ukraine

Award-winning Landscaping

Find best ISP for your address


First 4G operator in Ukraine (closed)

Soft Skills

Strategic Thinking, Visionary Leadership, Teamwork

Problem-Solving & Decision-Making

Effective Communication

Entrepreneurship experience: Acquiring TOP ukrainian ISPs to the platform - Kyivstar, Vodafone, Vega, Volia, Ukrtelecom. Contract and terms negotiations. Secured funding of $43k and later $250k.


Olga Kucheriavchuk

on private entrepreneurship consulting

A gifted communicator, Artem actively listens and collaborates to find solutions. Unlike others who dismiss ideas as expensive, Artem impressed me with his creative approach to market testing without initial investment, highlighting his exceptional listening skills and problem-solving focus. 

Oleg Burba

on consulting E-Governance Academy (Estonia) for MinTsyfry

Artem played a valuable role in a Ukrainian governmental project focused on developing a state address register based on INSPIRE standard. His expertise in API development, register architecture, and database structures were instrumental, and he is recognized as a highly skilled and reliable professional.

Nataliia Velkova

on business automation project

Artem did some automation for my internal business system and set up data parsing. Everything works as it should, thank you for the wonderful work. 

Sergii Makarevich

on co-working in Alternet

Artem enjoyed rapid career growth at UHT, rising from sales specialist to Commercial Director within three years. His leadership transformed the company, implementing new sales strategies and KPI tracking which resulted in a tripling of the customer base within 14 months.


Compete with yourself

People above processes

Fortune favors the brave

Avoid toxic people

101 much better than 99


Multitest in TOP Startups in Ukraine

1st place, Business coaching course ‘Sol’ by Andrey Pivovarov

1st place, MD B Badminton Tournament



Psychology, body practices, badminton, table tennis, chess, walking in parks, Formula-1, karting, gadgets.

Favorite books: